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Stop drowning in redundant B-BBEE procedures. It’s time to focus on what matters, the critical elements of B-BBEE – gap analysis, scenario planning and strategy. Let’s get you get you on track to a better B-BBEE Experience.
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Why should I consider B-BBEE Software?

Our solutionare designed to be relevant to all transformation champions and B-BBEE professionals, and our goal is to equip these professionals with the best tools to simplify, empower and streamline their B-BBEE processes.
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Supercharge your consulting game!

A B-BBEE software solution made for consulting companies who require a premium in-house product to support their consulting operations.

Only The Best, For Your Clients

A better way to B-BBEE!

Hundreds of South Africa’s largest companies use Mpowered’s B-BBEE software solutions to achieve every one of their B-BBEE goals.
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We are passionate about transformation and excited to think about what it could mean for your business.


We offer a managed solution, incorporating both software and extensive consultative support for large corporates and smaller, less complex organisations.


We are always looking for and identifying new ways of delighting our clients. Always striving to exceed our customer’s expectations.



We offer the best B-BBEE support available in South Africa, and we’ve got the statistics to back it up. This is near immediate support and assistance via a variety of interactive mediums.

Goodbye, outdated B-BBEE systems of the past. Hello, advanced transformation software solutions of the future.

Manage, track and plan your B-BBEE scorecard.

The BEEtoolkit is a web based system helps you manage B-BBEE by allowing you to create monthly scorecards, analyse gaps in compliance and build scenarios for improvement. A built in project planner helps you implement your strategy and prepare for verification. It includes numerous sector charters and easily consolidates multiple entities into a single scorecard.

Scorecard Calculator


Gap Analysis


Scenario Planner

Project Manager

Need to streamline your Preferential Procurement? Click here.

Preferential Procurement

The Supplier Management System automates Preferential Procurement by matching supplier spend with B-BBEE scorecards pulled automatically from our scorecard database. It offers a wide range of reporting functions, scenario planning, and bulk communication to help companies manage the dynamics that make up Preferential Procurement.

More about the Supplier Management System

Extensive Reporting

Supplier Scenario Planning

Scorecard Calculation

Bulk Email Service

Need South Africa’s largest public B-BBEE certificates database to go with that? Click here.

Beagle Scorecard Database

Beagle is our B-BBEE scorecard database of over 22 000 scorecards. Fed by clients, verification agencies, and industry associations. Suppliers can upload their scorecards directly to save you the burden of manually collecting their scorecards.

Free & Open to the Public


Easy Scorecard Search

Simple Scorecard Sharing

Bulk Download

Some of South Africa’s biggest companies trust Mpowered to simplify their B-BBEE process, want to meet them? Click here.

Let’s start streamlining your company’s transformation journey today!

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