“Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the client or customer gets out of it.” – Peter Drucker

Mpowered is a dynamic enterprise that prides itself on delivering excellence to its clients in every aspect of the business relationship. Offering superior products coupled with expert support, we have differentiated ourselves within the ever-changing market.

Mpowered is an IT solutions company that has created and adapted products for users to effectively and efficiently manage their Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) Compliance. We provide a suite of products to service the core needs of our customers looking to achieve Government requirements and gain a competitive upper hand. Our products serve as an enabling tool for companies to systematically track, maintain and improve their B-BBEE score.

Starting off as a consulting company within the B-BBEE arena, we quickly identified a need for products to allow for the calculation of the scorecard and subsequent maintenance and improvement of that scorecard. Teaming up with a remarkable set of forward thinking developers, we created a notable product to deliver value to our client base.

It is our belief that expectations should be exceeded rather than just being met, it is this belief that motivates the Mpowered promise. Mpowered promises to drive never ending value. We guarantee quality products, professional expertise and excellent service.

Professional Expertise

Having a wealth of knowledgeable resources, Mpowered can provide support to our customers at any given time. The Mpowered team has an in-depth understanding of B-BBEE as we have a combined pool of over a decade of consulting and verification experience. Each customer is provided with a key account manager who serves to understand the customer’s needs and proposes how to meet these needs. All key account managers are considered experts within the B-BBEE field. Together with a support team who is readily available to assist client queries and concerns, we offer an impressive service solution.

Excellent Service

Mpowered provides multiple avenues of consistent support to our customers. We have a dedicated helpdesk that comprises a call centre, live chat environment, established knowledge-based website to offer 24-hour support and of course, the availability of the key account manager. Furthermore, we are in the process of creating self-help videos that will also provide an around-the-clock solution to our clients. Our full-time team of progressive developers are continuously working on improving the look, feel and functionalities of the software that restricts, if not eliminates, any inaccuracies within the system.

Our objective is to empower companies to gain control of their compliance and focus their attention on strategies to drive transformation in the true spirit of B-BBEE. This allows companies to generate an edge in the aggressive business world, transform the nation and help eradicate the bitter injustices of the apartheid regime.

Trust Mpowered to aid in your competitive advantage in differentiating yourself within the corporate jungle.

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