Five ways we are different to ‘them’

A few months ago, we all had the great entertainment of watching the elections in the USA go down. For a while, it was hard to tell whether we were looking at a spoof or the real thing. The extent of name-calling, mudslinging and black-balling reached new heights, especially from the quarters of now-President Donald Trump.

It might be difficult to say what we learned from this, other than a little about the psyche of the voting Americans — but one thing we did glean is that people seem to gain some sort of value from comparisons. Apparently, telling someone why you’re better than the next guy is a useful filter in many people’s minds. So we’re giving it a shot. Not quite Trump-style, but we’ve taken some time to conduct a product comparison between ourselves and our most important competitors.

In the spirit of good sportsmanship (far removed from the American presidential haggle), we’re not going to mention the names of our competitors.

But we are going to lay down what makes us different from them – and everybody else, really.

1. We Roll Out Live Updates As Soon As The Legislation Changes.

When shopping around for B-BBEE systems, you generally have two choices: you can buy software that is loaded onto your computer – experts will come in to do that for you – or you can buy software that is accessible online. Mpowered offers the lattera host of powerful systems available on the cloud. If you’ve purchased a static system, you’re going to have to make a phone call or wait for a technician or receive a CD with the new updates every time they come in. Or, your system will remain outdated. (In fact the whole idea of a static system sounds pretty archaic, doesn’t it?) With a web-based system such as Mpowered’s, the updates are rolled out automatically and often. No need to download anything (cue the eye-roll every time your cell phone tells you ‘new updates are waiting’) or phone anyone. In an environment as ever-changing as B-BBEE, we think that’s a pretty good idea.

2. Everyone In The Company Can Access The Same Live Version Of The Same Data At The Same Time.

Create in your mind this scenario: Freddie is working on an important Excel spreadsheet, which he then sends to Xolani to continue with. Xolani’s been on it for an hour when Freddie sends him an urgent email: “Sorry! Had to make some changes. Use this version.” Sorry indeed. Xolani only looks at the email 2 hours later and has wasted three hours of work on the wrong version of data.

Never happened to you? You must be using a product as sophisticated as Mpowered’s, which updates the same version of data on every single user’s computer the moment you press ‘save’.

3. You Are Not Alone… We Are Here With You…

Now that you’ve got a 20-year old Michael Jackson song looping in your head let’s go on. With Mpowered, you have a real, properly managed support network. We’re not talking about a call centre here, where you’re “caller number 27 in the queue” and have to wait 15 minutes to speak to an agent who is more than likely to pass the buck and put you at the back of the queue again while you suffer through cheesy background music (think pan pipes rather than Michael Jackson). No, as soon as you sign up with Mpowered, you’ll be introduced to your very own account manager. You’ll know their name. And better yet, they’ll know yours.

4. We Can Develop Our System To Talk To Yours.

A lot of our competitors offer one of two solutions: either they’ll sell you a standalone product, which operates independently and you have to manually take the information and plug it into your existing company systems. Straight off the bat, that one’s a no-no – a huge time-waster. Or they’ll offer you a product which talks to a specific accounting or HR system. That’s great, but what if you don’t have the system… or the right version of the system? Does your company incur huge expenses buying it, and then even greater ones trying to train the staff on a new way of doing things? Mpowered’s developed a third, more specialised way of doing things. We will develop a plug-in from our system to yours. Better yet, we’ll cover the cost of doing that. All you’ll need to pay for is any development costs you incur for your own company.

5. We’ve Been Doing This For Longer Than Anyone Else.

Not many B-BBEE software solutions companies can say they’ve been doing this for longer than anyone else in the market place. There’s only one: ours! We’ve done the hard yards and learned the lessons that can come only one way: with time.

Transformation tools that MATTER

Transformation champions deserve the same high-level access to professional tools that’s afforded to other specialised departments. In other words, goodbye limitations, hello empowerment.

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