Preferential Procurement Automation

The Supplier Management System (SMS for short) is a software solution that automates the Preferential Procurement process. It provides a live calculation of your Preferential Procurement points by matching the spend of each of your suppliers with their B-BBEE information. The SMS cancels the need to manually find scorecards and populate the system with your suppliers’ details by automatically matching up your supplier list with Beagle, our scorecard database housing more than 30k discrete & currently valid B-BBEE certificates.


Automatic Synchronisation with SA's Largest Scorecard Database


Generic and Sector Charter Scorecards


Divisional or Subsidiary Scorecards


Classify Procurement Spend by Commodity


Telephonic, Live Chat and Email Support


Unlimited Users & No Installation

Live Tracking

Draw a Preferential Procurement Scorecard at any given time.

Maintaining the Preferential Procurement Scorecard on an ongoing basis requires you to match constantly-changing supplier spend information with each supplier’s latest, valid B-BBEE certificate. The SMS allows organisations to efficiently manage dynamic data by decreasing the manual input required and ensuring you’re maximizing on strategic spend.

Creating a Preferential Procurement Scorecard has never been easier

A simple Spreadsheet Upload is all that is required to calculate your Procurement Scorecard.

The Supplier Management System syncs with Beagle, South Africa’s most popular B-BBEE Scorecard Database and home to more than 30 000 scorecards.

Scenario Planning

The SMS enables companies to evaluate the impact on an existing Preferential Procurement Scorecard based on various scenarios.

Scenario Planning

The SMS enables companies to evaluate the impact on an existing Preferential Procurement Scorecard based on various scenarios.

Strategic procurement has never been easier with the scenario planning functionality. Procurement Specialists can make informed decisions based on variables such as black ownership, spend, B-BBEE status and empowering status as well as adjustments to the total measured procurement spend. Complex scenarios can be created by the user’s ability to edit multiple suppliers at the same time.


An important part of managing a Preferential Procurement Scorecard is the ability to inspect the underlying data to understand why targets are, or aren’t, being met. The SMS offers reporting functionality that can be used to assess any aspect of the Preferential Procurement Scorecard.

Examples of some of the reports that can be run include:

Spend by Commodity, Division, Department or Cost Centre

Reports indicating how much each supplier contributes to your overall Preferential Procurement Spend

All suppliers whose B-BBEE Scorecards expire within a certain period

All Empowering Suppliers / Black-Owned Suppliers / Black Female-Owned Suppliers / Compliant Suppliers / Non-Compliant Suppliers

All reports are verification-ready to assist you with your verification process.

Scorecard Calculation

The Preferential Procurement Scorecard is calculated by matching Suppliers’ Procurement Spend with their B-BBEE Compliance levels.

Scorecard Calculation

The Preferential Procurement Scorecard is calculated by matching Suppliers’ Procurement Spend with their B-BBEE Compliance levels.

When measuring Preferential Procurement for a stipulated time period, a list of supplier spend is uploaded onto the system via a simple spreadsheet upload function. This list then syncs with Beagle, Mpowered’s database of scorecards. B-BBEE compliance information is automatically matched to your suppliers, and an instant Preferential Procurement score is generated.

Over the years, Beagle has become a vast repository of scorecards, being a public, free-to-use platform. Organisations may find that many of their top suppliers’ scorecards have already been gathered and are automatically available.

The Spend Analysis Plugin

The Spend Analysis Plugin is a tool that helps companies easily classify their Procurement Spend by commodity using customisable, automated rules. B-BBEE Procurement Scorecards can be created for various levels of classification.

Drive Down Maverick Spend

Load Supplier Contract Details

Capture supplier contracts and prioritise suppliers accordingly

Monitor Procurement Spend

Monitor whether spend is happening with contracted suppliers at a glance and quickly drill into specific spend categories where maverick spend is at its highest

Report on Expiring Contracts

Proactively manage supplier contracts by creating reports on expired and expiring contracts, ensuring that they are always up to date

Identify Supplier Development Opportunities

Prioritise Suppliers

Mark suppliers as strategic to avoid disrupting sensitive parts of your supply chain

Search for Suppliers

Finding the right candidate(s) for Supplier Development is as easy as running a report across black ownership, size and spend commodity

Monitor Spend

Monitor contracted and strategic spend to ensure it flows to your nominated Supplier Development candidate(s)

Create Accountability for Preferential Procurement among Heads of Commodity

Monitor B-BBEE Score by Commodity

Create accountability amongst buyers and category managers by viewing the B-BBEE scorecard per commodity and/or sub-commodity

View each Commodity’s B-BBEE Contribution

Understand the impact each commodity and/or sub-commodity has on the overall procurement score

Pinpoint Top and Non-Performing Suppliers

Identify spend with non-compliant suppliers at a glance and survey your spend categories quickly to find poor spending habits

The Mining Sector Scorecard

Setup your Classification Rules

Map spend to a category by creating a custom set of rules based on, amongst others, vendor code and expense code automatically.

Spend Categories for the Mining Sector Scorecard

The predefined Mining Sector commodities can easily be populated. Customise your commodity list to enable finer-grained spend categorisation.

Monitor and Interrogate your Mining Scorecard

Draw reports and manage spend trends to optimise future procurement.

Optimise Purchasing

Automatic Monthly Categorisation of Spend

Automate the process of mapping spend to a spend category by creating custom rules for each category. No more month-end reporting madness.

Create Classifications as Detailed or as Simple as you Like

Create high level or granular categories when building your spend analysis model

Identify Rationalisation Opportunities

Run reports that create visibility on spending habits, which in turn could be used to leverage discounts or to ensure quality regarding procurement spend. Monitor strategic sourcing in real-time.

With all these powerful features and a lot more under the hood, go ahead, make the Mpowered decision.

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