Don’t Just Keep Up With BBBEE.

Master It

Most people think learning is just about increasing what you know. Watch a speaker, 
sit through a PowerPoint and check a box that says, “complete.” But for Mpowered, learning B-BBEE needs to be an uplifting experience that energises and inspires.

How Mpowered’s B-BBEE Learning Works

Empower and uplift yourself and South Africa into a new era of transformation.

Step 1

Embrace Your Inner Transformation Champion

Embracing your inner transformation champion is a big part of being successful as a B-BBEE professional. Recognising that you have the power to drive change, whether that’s adjusting the focus of your business, or having to learn new technology, is the first step to give yourself and your company the edge  required to stay in front of the pack.

Step 2

Browse and Book the Course That Speaks to Your Transformation Needs

Getting started is super easy. Jump onto our nifty workshop calendar, pick the training session that you would like to attend and book it. It’s as simple as smiles 😉 You will also be able to reserve a seat for you (and your team) right there on the webpage. 

Have questions? Great, because we have answers – click here to get in touch with Winston our
‘Mind Stretching Officer’

Step 3

Enjoy and Share Your Empowerment

Overcome your sense of powerlessness and lack of influence, and recognise that you now have the power, knowledge and resources to take your B-BBEE challenges and crush it!
Some of the Workshops We’ve Created For You:

The fast, easy, and affordable way to up your transformation game.

The Mpowered Advantage

Mpowered’s BBBEE software is more than just a product. We’re a team of transformation experts 
dedicated to pushing diversity learning forward and
 empowering every single employee the country over to do
 the best work of their lives while feeling uplifted and in control.

Master The Most Competitive Skills

Mpowered offers the most in-depth, up to date and relevant B-BBEE training specially curated to deliver immediate value to both your career and your organisation transformation efforts.

Get the Right Help

With the help of some of South Africa’s top transformation champions, Mpowered is determined to offer you a transformation teaching experience that’s next to none. All our B-BBEE experts have over ten years of hands-on experience in the transformation sector.

Maximize Your Impact

Mpowered’s training will allow transformation champions, like yourself, to take on more opportunities to positively shape B-BBEE projects and participate in streamlining future transformation initiatives.

Our clients love to learn. Top brands all over South Africa trust Mpowered to keep them informed on how to best transform their workforce.

Inspire your team with better BBBEE learning!

If you have a question, we have an answer. If you need something, we’ll help you. Contact us anytime.

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