We’ll admit. It’s pretty darn hard to comprehend how awesome our solutions are, but that’s no problem. We’ve got your back on this one! We’ve put this handy page together to help you make the Mpowered decision 😉

Why our software stands out from the rest

Instant live chat access, all day long.

Get on-demand access to experienced B-BBEE specialists via our LiveChat service. With absolutely no waiting times or frustrating robots to drudge through.  Advice on anything B-BBEE related is only a click away and if our LiveChat service doesn’t provide the answer you need, our B-BBEE experts are just a call or email away.

Integrates with pretty much everything.

One of the most admin intensive processes associated with B-BBEE compliance management is getting complete and accurate data from finance, HR and procurement departments, usually across multiple subsidiaries or divisions.

We can remove the stress and inefficiencies of data management by integrating our clients’ finance, procurement, HR or payroll systems into our software. We integrate into most web based software systems like SAP, Sage, Oracle and Workday.

On prem, or in the cloud.

We offer the option of on premises or web based access to our software. Both are equally safe as we embrace world class security measures and protocols to ensure that even the most discerning IT security specialists are impressed.

Super Responsive. 

Our own full time B-BBEE specialists and software developers enable us to be extremely responsivene to our client’s needs. We can interpret and develop changes into our software on the fly.

Draft sector charters.

We have incorporated both gazetted and draft sector charters into our software. This means our clients can track and measure on the relevant sector code, and they can assess the changes to their compliance based on the draft scorecards as well.

 Broader ecosystem.

Mpowered only partners with the best, and have amazing partners for all budgets. We have built up an ecosystem of the most credible service providers in the industry, based on trust and integrity. We will help put you in contact with the best of the best, whether it be a verification agency, a consultant, an HR or an ED specialist. Join our ecosystem of, what we refer to as, the A-team.

Enterprise Ready.

With features such as role based user access for access granularity, and powerful auditing tools to track things like user activity our software is ready to take on Enterprises that mean serious business.

More than a software solution! 

We know what it takes to be the best software solutions provider in a sector, because we have been doing this for more than 10 years. We have built all the features of functions required for any size company to manage their end to end B-BBEE process. But, we are not standing still.  We continue to innovate and improve our solutions, and we always will. We listen to our clients every day, and we make sure we have the solutions to solve their B-BBEE challenges.

Accountability and Visibility.

Having the visibility and accountability to track, measure, consolidate and manage B-BBEE compliance on all five scorecard elements, across multiple subsidiaries and divisions is a challenge most large companies. We have this sorted. Our clients manage all their B-BBEE processes in one place via software solution that is accessible anywhere, anytime, by anyone (that is approved to, of course).

With all these powerful features and a lot more under the hood, go ahead, make the Mpowered decision.

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