You got OWNED! 

The one big principle that explains our approach to B-BBEE

“The best years of your life are the ones in which you decide your problems are your own. You don’t blame them on your mother, the ecology or the president. You realise that you control your own destiny.” – Albert Ellis.

> Ownership. 

You’ve heard the word before. In a B-BBEE context, you’ve probably heard it one too many times. But there’s a broader application to the word – one that forms the basis of all its other uses. It’s the straightforward, dictionary definition of assuming control and accountability. The Oxford dictionary puts it simply as: “to have something as one’s own; possess.”

It’s this one simple concept that describes our approach to B-BBEE. And it’s probably not what you think it is: we’re not obsessing about your company’s black shareholding or the percentage of unencumbered debt of those who control it. We’re more concerned about where you are in the process of owning B-BBEE in your business.

We realise that’s easier said than done. B-BBEE was invented by policy-makers and politicians. It wasn’t designed for, rather than by, any of us. Different people – and organisations — have received it in various ways. Some have rejected it outright. Some have become angry and defensive. Some have welcomed its principles but battled with its application. Some have viewed it as a means to an end. Some have embraced it.

Whatever your starting point, we believe that the key to success for B-BBEE is to own it.

In the words of our Gary Greyling, our Managing Director:

“The single, biggest guiding principle of our approach to B-BBEE is OWNERSHIP!”

Gary explains:

“We believe companies must own B-BBEE internally. The requirements and benefits of B-BBEE pervade organisational structures, and thus ‘getting it right’ means that it should become part of the dialogue within each department. We believe that achieving meaningful and enduring transformation requires that companies adopt B-BBEE as a practice in every corner of their institutions.”

Part of that points to the way in which you structure and manage B-BBEE in your organisation (literally giving B-BBEE oversight and responsibilities to key members of your teams), and part of that points to a culture that is cultivated over time. In the more than ten years that we’ve been specialising in B-BBEE, we’ve come to realise that there’s just no substitute for building your B-BBEE in-house.

“Leg-work can be outsourced, but complete outsourcing will not replicate the fidelity and benefit of transformation that is driven from within an organisation, across all its stakeholders,” says Gary.

Or in other words:

“You must drink the kool-aid to get the results and benefit. B-BBEE must become core to your business.”

All well and good, but it helps to have some outside force giving you a leg-up in the right direction.

That’s where we come in. We believe in empowering organisations to own B-BBEEE. The three pillars of our product offering are designed to support and enable internal ownership:

1. We Offer Coaching :

Our specialists join in on internal committees to help grease the skids and build up best practice.

2. We Offer Training :

Our one-day courses are department specific, powerful sessions that raise skill quickly and cost effectively.

3. We Offer Software :

Our software creates process efficiency and delivers expert-insight that supports decision making.

So if you’re looking for the quickest way to score B-BBEE points to meet some sort of short-term aim, we want to say good luck and keep looking. But if you’re looking to truly integrate B-BBEE and transform your business, Mpowered may well be that friendly outstretched hand you need.

Because we really do believe in the mantra outlined by Gary:

“Only through authentic ownership can companies engage in B-BBEE that changes lives while growing their business.”

Transformation tools that MATTER

Transformation champions deserve the same high-level access to professional tools that’s afforded to other specialised departments. In other words, goodbye limitations, hello empowerment.

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