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Mpowered’s preferred partner program is for established and credible specialist service providers that deliver solutions, products and services to help companies meet their transformation objectives.

The objective of the preferred partner program is to ensure companies can easily access solutions that drive meaningful and impactful transformation, whilst facilitating business growth for our ecosystem of partners.

Mpowered preferred partners are thought leaders in the area of expertise and continuously share educational content for the benefit of our community. Our partners share a similar mission of improving the consistency of B-BBEE interpretation across all stakeholders.

Mpowered preferred partners are not threatened by technology, they embrace it as a means of improving internal process efficiency and for enhancing their customer experience. Together, we all operate off a single software platform to help companies simplify business processes and to reduce their total cost of B-BBEE compliance management.

Together, we seek to address inequality in South Africa.

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Partner Commitment

  • Continuously share knowledge and content
  • Promote Mpowered as their B-BBEE compliance management software partner of choice
  • Licence Mpowered software for internal process efficiency and to enhance their customer experience

Promote the digitisation of B-BBEE compliance management, including:

  • Simplifying and automating the flow of data from source systems into Mpowered software
  • Offer clients visibility of their B-BBEE compliance
  • Help curate Beagle B-BBEE certificates
  • Share knowledge and content for sharing and distribution into our broader ecosystem

Mpowered commitments

Mpowered’s commitment to our partners includes:

  • establishing an enabling platform to continuously expose and promote our partners to facilitate business growth
  • deliver software solutions that improve internal business process efficiency, whilst enhancing your customer experience
  • to give our clients access to a diverse and broad range of specialist service providers that are committed to
  • to help partners cost effectively and positively embrace the digitisation of the B-BBEE services industry

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