BEEtoolkit is a cloud-based software suite that helps you manage, track & plan your B-BBEE status by effectively streamlining every facet of your B-BBEE process.

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Technicalities of B-BBEE Embedded into the Calculations

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What is BEEtoolkit?


Your B-BBEE shouldn't be a mystery.

BEEtoolkit is a cloud-based system that sheds light on your B-BBEE status.
BEEtoolkit helps you manage your B-BBEE by allowing you to create monthly scorecards, analyse gaps in compliance and build scenarios for improvement. 

Ninety nine problems, but B-BBEE software ain't one.

Scorecard Calculator

Assess the impact of planned or recommended initiatives. Quantify & calculate a target B-BBEE compliance level for the company per sub-element.

Gap Analysis

Identify the changes that need to be made in order to reach your target B-BBEE status.

Scenario & Implementation Planner

Assess the impact of possible changes at a detailed level & support your plans by implementing initiatives and when changes should have an effect.

Verification Manager

Prepare documents and evidence required for the verification of the B-BBEE scorecard whilst you're fine tuning the your scorecard.

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Scorecard Calculator

The B-BBEE elements are represented in a clear and accessible manner enabling users the ability to switch between screens as data becomes available within the company.


Scenario Planner

An overall B-BBEE scorecard target is typically based on the target compliance levels achievable per scorecard element and sub-element.

The Scenario Planner can also be used to assess the impact of any possible changes at a very detailed level.
You can determine how the scorecard will be impacted by a change on the demographic representation of owners, managers, employees, the B-BBEE compliance of a supplier, or the change in contribution level for Enterprise Development and Socio Economic Development at any time during the year.

Gap Analysis

Embedded within the Scenario Planner is a Gap Analysis tool that enables companies to identify the changes that need to be made in order to reach their target B-BBEE status.


Close the gaps, quickly.

As changes are made within the Scenario Planner, the gap analysis will update to reflect the remaining gaps foreseen between the scenarios and the targets set by the company. Gap Analysis will not only show companies what point differences exist, but even recommend (in Rand values or head counts) what changes should be effected to obtain the desired score.

Establish a Baseline

Start by using the Scorecard Calculator to establish a baseline that reflects your company’s current, real B-BBEE status.

Create a Target Scorecard

Once the baseline is established, create a Target Scorecard that reflects the points (per element and sub-element) that the company would like to achieve.

Achieve your goals

With a target and baseline in place, your company is ready to start assessing the gaps and making plans to close them.

Implementation Planner

Plan the attack, and then attack the plan.

A B-BBEE scorecard target should be supported by a detailed plan on how to achieve the target, who will implement the initiatives and when the changes have an effect.

By tracking a detailed project plan, corrective actions can be identified timeously.

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The Implementation Planner automatically picks up the difference between the company’s actual scorecard and the target scorecard, as calculated in the Scenario planner.

Plan & delegate.

Actions to close the gap are then outlined. Your company can then assign each action to someone who will be accountable for the implementation of a particular action in a specified time frame.

Achieve your goals, like a boss.

The Implementation Planner ensures that companies can proactively track the execution of B-BBEE compliance initiatives to ensure target compliance levels are achieved.

Verification Manager

Once a company has calculated their B-BBEE scorecard using the Scorecard Calculator, it has the ability to prepare documents and evidence required for the verification of the B-BBEE scorecard.

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