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Senior Haskell Developer / Senior Engineer

Join a small team of specialists working on refactoring an enterprise application from its Ruby on Rails origins to a future of type safety and extensibility built on Haskell.

About the job

  • Re-architect monolithic app to be more maintainable
  • Port selected mission critical components from Ruby to Haskell
  • Implement new features in Haskell
  • Design migration strategies
  • Develop robust testing strategies and suites
  • Deploy polyglot services in cloud environments
  • Decouple front-end to improve feature cycles
  • Team of 3-5 highly skilled developers
  • Remote-only, team based in South Africa and Sweden. Discord for the win!
  • English with a touch of Svenska
  • Large Rails codebase, with Haskell creeping in. You will get your hands dirty with Rails.
  • Some devops using Nix
Best Parts of the Job
  • Quality of your peers
  • High degree of trust and flexibility
  • Company is focusing on good tech to differentiate itself, not just features and functions
Worst Parts of the Job
  • Remote-only can compound a low morale if its not your thing
  • Legacy easter eggs can set you back further than you thought you were

About the ideal candidate

  • Haskell
  • Web architecture and engineering
  • Complex API's and backends
  • OOP & Functional best practice
  • Relational DB's
  • Bonus skills: Nix & Rails
  • Enjoys remote work
  • Deals well with loose, early stage requirements
  • Pro-active and self-driven
  • Systematic, analytical and methodical
  • Friendly but candid and honest

About the team


Creator of sweet Haskell nectar
Background: DSL research and teaching at Chalmers University

Oskar <- The guy you're replacing

Engineer, speaker and jazz outcast
Background: Web & cloud backend systems engineering


Lover of good Greek food
Background: Full stack web applications development and engineering


Haskell, Devops, Backends and D&D
Background: Systems engineering and integration around enterprise networks


Trouble maker: aka Rails Developer turned Product Owner
Background: 10 years Ruby on Rails web development in the B-BBEE space


Fresh spawn
Background: Intern, Salesforce engineer

Hiring timeline

  • Applications close on the 19th of September 2018
  • Screening, interviews & offer by the 30th of September 2018
  • Start date on or around the 1st of November 2018

Reckon you're interested?

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