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BeagleScore is a software solution built for small and medium size businesses, or larger entities with relatively simple B-BBEE compliance management requirements. BeagleScore incorporates most of the features and functions of our Enterprise Solution, the BEEtoolkit, however, features and functions are available in cost effective software packages that are payable monthly. Companies can select a software package that meets their particular business needs.

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BeagleScore is ideal for managing B-BBEE compliance remotely. Different end-users can be set-up on the software with different levels of access to the software solution. Data can be uploaded remotely by an HR or finance stakeholder and the resulting scorecard can be viewed within the same system by executives. With BeagleScore, companies can prepare for and verify their B-BBEE scorecard completely remotely.

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With BeagleScore you get the same benefits as our Enterprise clients, including automated supplier compliance matching to automate the Preferential Procurement calculation, pulled directly from our Beagle Scorecard Database. BeagleScore includes email, phone and LiveChat support giving end-users access to some of the most experienced B-BBEE experts available to help you along each step of the way towards achieving your B-BBEE compliance objectives.

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