The Free & Essential B-BBEE Database

Beagle is our public (100% FREE) B-BBEE scorecard database of over 30k discrete & currently valid scorecards. Clients, verification agencies and industry associations feed this data bank on a daily basis.

What makes Beagle so great?

Not only is Beagle free to use, but Beagle also conveniently integrates with the BEEtoolkit and the Supplier Management System (SMS) by automatically sourcing and matching supplier’s B-BBEE Certificates via a verified VAT number.

On top of all that Beagle also offers the following benefits

Easy Certificate Searches

Simple Certificate Sharing

Bulk Search and Download Functionality

Reduced Duplicate Effort

More About the Beagle Certificate Database

Beagle can be used by non-Mpowered clients to search for supplier B-BBEE compliance information, and they can download copies of each supplier’s B-BBEE scorecard certificate, at no charge.

Anyone can use Beagle to search for potential new supply companies based on their Black Ownership, Company Size and other attributes. For example, a company may want to search for a 30% Black woman owned supply company that is a EME.  They could refine that search based on regions of supply and based on the product or service they are looking for.

Companies can also use Beagle to search for prospective Enterprise Development beneficiary companies.  Using 51% or more Black owned and QSE or EME search criteria delivers a list of companies that qualify for Enterprise Development.

How Beagle Integrates with our B-BBEE Software

Clients using the Beetoolkit and the Supplier Management System don’t need to find their supplier B-BBEE scorecard information in Beagle, as our software solutions automatically pull supplier B-BBEE compliance attributes from Beagle into their Preferential Procurement calculations.

Procurement spend is automatically netted off per supplier, based on the B-BBEE compliance and relevant multipliers associated with each B-BBEE compliance attribute.

Join hundreds of B-BBEE transformation champions already using our Beagle Scorecard Database, for free!

Start removing the tedious labour involved in emailing and faxing data on an individual basis today!

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