Mpowered is the original B-BBEE compliance software company having delivered tech enablement solutions since 2005.

Mpowered develops and distributes B-BBEE compliance management solutions across all sectors into companies of all sizes.

Whilst we are a tech-first company, Mpowered employs a team of experienced B-BBEE subject matter experts that partner with our clients throughout their B-BBEE compliance journey. Mpowered offers software coupled with on-demand support and advisory services, education and training, outsource services and thought leadership.

Mpowered's ONE SOLUTION FOR ALL enables our clients, including companies, B-BBEE consultants and verification agencies, to operate off the same technology platform to enable the seamless and consistent flow of data, information, scorecards and evidence throughout a company's B-BBEE compliance management journey.

Our solutions

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We offer B-BBEE compliance management solutions, supplier compliance management solutions and we support the B-BBEE community with the country’s most loved B-BBEE scorecard database, Beagle.

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Mpowered is proud to deliver on our strategy of “one solution for all”, where our clients, their consultants and their verification agencies operate off the same technology platform that ensures the seamless flow of data, information, scorecard and evidence throughout our clients' B-BBEE compliance journey.

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Traditionally, Mpowered has offered solutions for larger businesses, and with some clever re-engineering, we have made our solutions relevant and accessible to the small medium business segment.

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Off the back of our “one solution for all”, Mpowered and our verification agency software, our clients get to enjoy a truly digital B-BBEE scorecard audit process.

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Mpowered services most of the country’s leading B-BBEE consulting companies that trust our software every day when advising hundreds of companies across many different industry sectors. With the highest level of trust from our consulting partners, Mpowered extended our solution and introduced software for B-BBEE verification agencies.

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Mpowered in an independent company that works closely with many HCM, payroll and ERP providers.

Why Mpowered - We are more than software

Mpowered delivers a holistic, end-to-end B-BBEE solution for the country’s most passionate transformation advocates. We have recruited some of the best B-BBEE subject matter experts that support our clients every day, throughout their B-BBEE compliance journey.

Mpowered has established strategic alliances with B-BBEE consultants, verification agencies and specialist services providers that deliver services and solutions across all B-BBEE scorecard elements to ensure our clients can access a broad array of specialists. Mpowered is the only B-BBEE software and solutions provider with hundreds of South African companies and many of the most credible and established B-BBEE consulting companies trusting a common technology platform.

Mpowered has always worked with the broader B-BBEE community and has forged deep and trusting relationships with many different service providers to ensure we are able to augment, not disrupt our client environments and their service providers.

We are committed

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The team at Mpowered is obsessed with customer service. Our customer services team is known for their absolute commitment to solve our clients most complex B-BBEE compliance challenges.

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Our software development, client services and support teams are constantly collaborating to ensure that we are highly responsive to the needs of our customers.

How Mpowered can help you

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Excellent time and cost savings

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Powerful business intelligence

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Access to seasoned B-BBEE experts

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Competitive pricing

Save time and costs on your B-BBEE compliance journey with Mpowered

Get the all-in-one solution to all your B-BBEE compliance management challenges.

Take the pain out of preferential B-BBEE procurement

Mpowered Supplier Management System removes time and costs with proactive, automated procurement processes.