Mpowered Testimonials


“Through the continued use of the tool and, at a minimum, quarterly discussion with Mpowered, IBM managed to move from a L2 to a L1 status. In addition to the quarterly meetings, Mpowered were just a call away to assist with guidance and advice.”

– Yahya Bismillah, Operations Lead for B-BBEE and EEIP, IBM

Life Healthcare

“(The company) moved from a Level 7 to a Level 4; information is more streamlined; (and the) Verification Agency uses reports from Mpowered as well.”

– Ansuyiah Padayachee, Life Healthcare

Motheo Construction

“At Motheo monthly tracking is now possible which allows a live score for all elements. Mock certificates and reporting done on the Mpowered tool is used for monthly B-BBEE meetings and for Social and Ethical meetings. The condensed Scorecard report has also been used for EXCO reporting. Mpowered has fundamentally changed the way Motheo is conducting their B-BBEE reporting.”

– Dries Botha, MBA – MANCOSA, Group Procurement and BEE Manager

RSC Ekusasa Mining

“(Through) live tracking and Score optimization, especially in management control and skills development, (RSC Ekusasa Mining) moved from a level 8 to a level 4.”

– Marc Musso, RSC Ekusasa Mining

The Biovac Institute

“We put together a Supplier Development Strategy for 12 months using the Scenario Planner in BEEtoolkit. Using Mpowered’s tool we were able to upload live records monthly or quarterly and track our progress against actual targets as per the Scenario Planner. (The tool helped us) engage with all pillar champions to ensure we achieved each target. From Biovac’s perspective we moved from a L4 to a L1.”

– Lilian Thompson, Procurement Specialist, The Biovac Institute

Concor Construction

“With Mpowered, we have developed a B-BBEE awareness and accountability in our organisation. B-BBEE progress is monitored monthly and forms part of the Board Report. MD’s KPI’s are linked to the B-BBEE targets. Employees like our Buyers, HR Managers, and myself, are also accountable for the delivery of a Level 1 certificate. The outcomes have been: positive image in the marketplace; better opportunities when tendering; (and) assistance in the positive transformation of our business.”

– Sheldon Mayet, Transformation Executive


“Through implementation of Mpowered’s BEEtoolkit we were able to track live scorecards. Mpowered’s B-BBEE advisory and technical support also assisted us in overcoming our B-BBEE compliance challenges. The outcomes are: continuous score improvement (currently a level 3); and efficiency with tracking and reporting.”

– Tanya Naude, Timken