Supplier Compliance Management Solution

Start achieving B-BBEE administrative excellence.

Save time for the things that really matter.

For years Mpowered has provided efficiencies throughout a B-BBEE journey. From automation to advisory, we have crafted solutions to help Transformation teams build, maintain and track all elements. Our newly introduced Supplier Compliance Management solution is no different.

We provide a dedicated resource so that we can absorb the administrative burden associated with chasing suppliers for their B-BBEE scorecards, leaving you to put on that strategic hat and allocate the saved time to taking your compliance to the next level (pun intended )

Supplier Management made easy.

Tracking a Live Preferential Procurement scorecard has never been this easy. We have coupled our SCM model with the power of SMS and taken supplier management to the next level.

Procurement teams can easily track and bulk communicate with their supply chains ensuring constant sourcing of B-BBEE certificates.

Keep your finger on the pulse.

Monthly progress reports will ensure that we keep you abreast of all changes regarding your suppliers. This allows for a more progressive approach to supplier management so that you push transformation through to every level of your supply chain.

A dedicated team at Mpowered will work with you to close Preferential Procurement gaps so that you can strive for optimal compliance.