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Back Office is available for B-BBEE consultants of all sizes in any part of the country. Mpowered offers cost effective solutions for consultants on the premise of delivering enhanced value to their clients, whilst saving time and cost, thereby increasing profit margins.

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Mpowered’s Back Office solution is trusted by over 30 B-BBEE consulting and service providers to deliver advisory services to hundreds of South African companies of all sizes, across many sectors.

Consultants add an immense amount of value to clients when preparing for scorecard verification, with remote access for guiding their clients to ensure the scorecard is maximised and optimised, as well as being completely audit-ready prior to submission to their verification agency. Mpowered's One Solution for All approach ensures that data, information, evidence and scorecards flow seamlessly throughout a company's B-BBEE compliance journey. One Solution for All improves the consistency of interpretation throughout each stakeholder group, mitigating the risks of mis-aligned executive stakeholder expectations on B-BBEE compliance outcomes.

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