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Most companies want to take the hassle out of chasing suppliers for their B-BBEE scorecards, but in a way that they are automatically keeping track of the Preferential Procurement scorecard.

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Whilst the BEEtoolkit automates the Preferential Procurement calculation by automatically matching supplier spend to supplier B-BBEE compliance attributes from our Beagle database, the Supplier Management System offers advanced features for companies to pro-actively manage supplier compliance.

Mpowered's Supplier Management System is a stand-alone software solution that enables companies to pro-actively self-manage supplier compliance. Preferential Procurement scorecards can be calculated and managed for multiple divisions or subsidiaries, or even by commodity classification. The Supplier Management System can be implemented as a self-management solution and can be augmented by a service whereby Mpowered will manage supplier compliance on your behalf. It generates advanced reports and allows for Scenario Planning, Spend Analysis and more.

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