B-BBEE Compliance Management software, your ideal companion for driving transformation. Digitise your end-to-end compliance management process with Mpowered.

Digital B-BBEE Compliance Management.

Mpowered provides B-BBEE compliance management solutions across industry sectors, to companies of all sizes and complexity.
Our solutions include the country's most advanced B-BBEE compliance management software, on-demand advisory and support services, training and access to our ecosystem of specialist service providers.

Beagle Scorecard Database.

Beagle Scorecard Database is SA’s most comprehensive public database of B-BBEE certificates with over 70 000 discrete certificates

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Digital Audit Partner Program

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More than Software.

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Scorecard consolidation

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Private Cloud

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Business Intelligence

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Training and support

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On-demand access to B-BBEE specialists

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Source system integration

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Supplier compliance management

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All levels of B-BBEE training

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Digital scorecard verification preparation

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In-app verification review

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Evidence uploads

The Mpowered community ecosystem

Mpowered delivers a holistic, end-to-end approach to B-BBEE compliance management, but we acknowledge that some of our clients rely on advisory partners. We embrace all stakeholders within the B-BBEE community and offer solutions that augment the work of your service providers, be it a B-BBEE consultant, verification agency or other specialist service provider.
Mpowered supports over 30 B-BBEE consultants and verification agencies with software solutions that deliver process efficiencies that also enhance the services they deliver to their clients.
Mpowered’s Beagle database continues to support the B-BBEE community with a free, searchable database of verified B-BBEE scorecard certificates.

How Mpowered can help you

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Excellent time and cost savings

Seamless, streamlined digitisation and automation offer opportunities for vast savings in time, money and human resources.

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Powerful business intelligence

World-class business intelligence tools can help you to leverage B-BBEE-derived data to establish critical business insights.

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The best B-BBEE expertise

Our support team comprises some of the foremost B-BBEE experts in South Africa, who have in-depth experience and insight.

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Competitive pricing

Our growth and adoption rates over the years have given us the ability to offer the most competitive pricing of B-BBEE software solutions available in South Africa today.

Transform your supplier compliance management with Mpowered.