B-BBEE Compliance Management software, your ideal companion for remote work. Digitise your end-to-end compliance management process with Mpowered.

Digital B-BBEE Compliance Management.

Mpowered develops and distributes B-BBEE compliance management solutions across industry sectors, to companies of all sizes and complexity.

Our solutions include the country's most advanced B-BBEE compliance management software, on-demand advisory and support services, training and access to our ecosystem of specialist service providers.

Beagle Scorecard Database.

Beagle Scorecard Database is SA’s most comprehensive public database of B-BBEE certificates with over 70 000 discrete certificates

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Digital Audit Partner Program

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More than Software.

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Scorecard consolidation

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Private Cloud

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Business Intelligence

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Training and support

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On-demand access to B-BBEE specialists

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Source system integration

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Supplier compliance management

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All levels of B-BBEE training

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Digital scorecard verification preparation

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In-app verification review

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Evidence uploads

The Mpowered community ecosystem

Mpowered delivers a holistic, end-to-end approach to B-BBEE compliance management, but we acknowledge that some of our clients rely on advisory partners. We embrace all stakeholders within the B-BBEE community and offer solutions that augment the work of your service providers, be it a B-BBEE consultant, verification agency or other specialist service provider.
Mpowered supports over 30 B-BBEE consultants and verification agencies with software solutions that deliver process efficiencies that also enhance the services they deliver to their clients.
Mpowered’s Beagle database continues to support the B-BBEE community with a free, searchable database of verified B-BBEE scorecard certificates.

How Mpowered can help you

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Excellent time and cost savings

Seamless, streamlined digitisation and automation offer opportunities for vast savings in time, money and human resources.

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Powerful business intelligence

World-class business intelligence tools can help you to leverage B-BBEE-derived data to establish critical business insights.

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The best B-BBEE expertise

Our support team comprises some of the foremost B-BBEE experts in South Africa, who have in-depth experience and insight.

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Competitive pricing

Our growth and adoption rates over the years have given us the ability to offer the most competitive pricing of B-BBEE software solutions available in South Africa today.

Transform your supplier compliance management with Mpowered.

Important Announcement

At Mpowered, we celebrate our people, their successes and dedication, especially during this new normal.

In the spirit of Spring and Mental Health Awareness, we will be closed from the 23rd and 27th of September 2021.

The past 18 months of lockdown have been insightful and challenging.
We will be using this break to spend time with our loved ones, recharge and destress!

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