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Helping small and micro businesses thrive through digitalisation.

As an SMME software company ourselves, we have experienced our journey of trials and tribulations. Along the way, Mpowered partnered with the most amazing experts that have exceptional track records in helping SMMEs thrive. As a leading B-BBEE software solutions company, we live and breathe both B-BBEE and technology. Hence our focus on assisting SMMEs that are also ESD beneficiaries thrive through digitalisation. 

curated a range of specialist solution partners

Mpowered has carefully curated a range of specialist solution partners to help meet the needs of a diverse range of businesses in various stages of business maturity. So let us unlock the barriers to growth by customising a pragmatic solution that meets the particular needs of beneficiaries.  

Our partners include: 

  • Xero 
  • PaySpace 
  • Penquin 
  • The Financial Room (Legal Pursuit, 4-15) 
  • Adcorp 
  • EO 
  • Beagle 
  • Impact Amplifier
  • Lead 

Finding the right SMMEs to support

Mpowered has supported our clients with specialist software and solutions for managing Preferential Procurement for many years.

We have leveraged our insights and technology to help our clients critically analyse their suppliers for ESD opportunities. 

Mpowered helps clients identify prospective suppliers and beneficiaries through our extensive network of clients, partners, and Beagle database service. 

Financial stability and funding readiness

The highest order need of most SMMEs is access to funding; however, most SMMEs are simply not funding ready. We help companies establish and manage solid financial foundations with partners committed to simplifying business processes for entrepreneurs. 

Our partners include The Financial Room for financial analysis, Xero accounting software for management accounting, PaySpace for payroll solutions and services and Impact Amplifier, a South African based advisory firm focused on accelerating and investing in social and environmental innovation on the African continent by providing turn key solutions. 

Mpowered’s partners are committed to sharing knowledge and improving the financial acumen of entrepreneurs and their colleagues. 

Marketing and sales are the lifeblood for growth

We know how difficult it is to be effective at digital marketing and converting leads into sales.

So we help companies implement relevant and pragmatic digital marketing approaches that expose our clients directly to their target market.  

Mpowered adopts a convenient approach to helping SMMEs ease into the intimidating world of digital marketing. Our process is to help expose companies directly into their target market, taking them to a website that delivers a fantastic user experience that converts visitors into leads.  

Converting leads is an art that is difficult to master, so we help companies develop and implement robust CRM and sales processes.  

Continuous education to maintain entrepreneurial energy

At Mpowered, we know how important learning from the experts is, so we curated a host of exciting learning events and online courses.

We are super excited to run learning events with lecturers from one of the world’s best technology-oriented universities, MIT, in the USA.  

We are committed to developing a constant stream of fantastic learning events and courses in conjunction with MIT and our local education and thought leadership partners. Our education bundles help develop entrepreneurs who have committed their lives to their business.  

Developing our entrepreneurs

Mpowered has been fortunate to enjoy a close association with Entrepreneur Organisation ( for over six years, a global organisation of over 15,000 entrepreneurs. As a company, we have lived and breathed entrepreneurial development within EO.

We intend to “graduate” our entrepreneurs into the EO Accelerator Program to foster accountability and growth within the SMME sector. 

Ready to help your small or micro businesses thrive through digitalisation?