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For over 10 years, the BEEtoolkit has been implemented as one of the country’s leading and trusted B-BBEE compliance management software solutions within companies of all sizes and across multiple industries. The BEEtoolkit enables our clients to digitise their end-to-end B-BBEE compliance journey, from automatically collating source data right through to a digital B-BBEE scorecard verification.

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The BEEtoolkit delivers an end-to-end B-BBEE compliance management solution, from source system integration for automated data upload, right through to a digital B-BBEE scorecard verification, and everything in between.

Whether a single B-BBEE scorecard or the consolidation of many group company scorecards, a cloud or private cloud implementation, or integration into payroll, HCM, ERP, procurement or any other source system, we have you covered.

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Automated supplier compliance matching comes standard with Mpowered, and we don’t limit our clients on how many scorecards or scenario scorecards they create.

The BEEtoolkit is the most advanced B-BBEE compliance management solution on the market and includes Gap and Cost-per-point analyses, Scenario Planning, Project Planning and Verification Preparation tools that can be deployed at a group level, or into subsidiaries. Data, scorecards and evidence are all stored digitally in one place, accessible by your B-BBEE verification agency on-demand.

Mpowered software leverages B-BBEE derived data for making better business decisions using Business Intelligence tools.

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