An ecosystem of B-BBEE specialists to support your B-BBEE compliance

We give you access to a full range of strategic alliance partners that deliver specialist B-BBEE services and solutions.

Mpowered has partnered with B-BBEE specialists across areas of specialisation, regions and reach to give our clients access to the best of the best. Partners are aligned with Mpowered to help clients simplify and optimise B-BBEE compliance management.

Benefits for our clients

The benefits of our B-BBEE specialists partner programme

Established and creditable

Our partners have long-established credibility in the B-BBEE services sector. They deliver expert B-BBEE solutions across all scorecard elements for any sector focus.

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One solution for all

Our partners trust Mpowered B-BBEE software for scorecard interpretation, calculation accuracy and client data security. They licence it to deliver a seamless B-BBEE compliance management experience for our mutual clients. Everyone benefits from using the same system.

Continuous improvements

Mpowered uses partner and client feedback to continuously improve our software to align with their business requirements, delivering a win-win for all stakeholders in a company’s B-BBEE compliance process.

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Collaborative product development

Mpowered has an established culture of product innovation and works closely with our alliance partners to develop new products to solve complex B-BBEE compliance problems as they evolve.

Save time and costs on your B-BBEE compliance journey with Mpowered

Get the all-in-one solution to all your B-BBEE compliance management challenges.

Take the pain out of preferential B-BBEE procurement

Mpowered Supplier Management System removes time and costs with proactive, automated procurement processes.