Mpowered Analytics

Build a decision-ready B-BBEE and HR Compliance Framework

Mpowered Analytics empowers Transformation and HR executives to make more-informed, data-driven decisions.   With your B-BBEE data, scorecards and analytics within an integrated platform, you can clearly see how your business is performing towards your B-BBEE and HR objectives, discover new possibilities, and deliver better business outcomes.

Built on Microsoft’s Power BI, the Mpowered Analytics platform offers maximum levels of data security, scalability and performance.   Our B-BBEE and HR dashboards visualise data into simple, easily understandable dashboards that are accessible from any device, anytime. 

Data driven decision making requires complete and accurate data sets, coupled with an experienced thought partner.  Combining the two is often the difference between simply presenting data and delivering valuable insights that can be used to facilitate the right conversations.  

Our team of experts meet with you regularly for dashboard reviews that help you make the right decisions for your business.

Some of the benefits of Mpowered Analytics

  • Empower better transformation decision making by delivering data-driven insights that take you way beyond the scorecard.  
  • By augmenting B-BBEE Management Control and Skills Development data with other useful people and training data, HR professionals can now access both B-BBEE and HR Analytics dashboards that deliver insights for more informed decision making.
  • Do away with manual analysis and focus on more strategic work.
  • Detect patterns that you might not see or have time to discover.
  • Translate data into stories that inform strategy and compel action.
  • Reduce the added cost, complexity, and security risks of multiple solutions with B-BBEE and HR analytics on one platform.   

Mpowered B-BBEE Analytics

Mpowered B-BBEE Analytics presents a series of dashboards that expose the BEEtoolkit’s B-BBEE data model and calculation results.

Mpowered’s B-BBEE dashboard provides an easy and fast way to:

  • Traverse a group structure and unpack detailed scores and contributions
  • Identify subsidiaries that are underperforming with high gaps relative to compliance targets
  • Easily export visual and tabular data for use in presentations and reports
  • Present live analytics to stakeholders with the ability to slice data and drill-down on the move
  • Customise the B-BBEE dashboards to highlight focus on company-specific concerns
  • Empower your staff to make informed B-BBEE decisions

Mpowered B-BBEE Analytics includes the automated curation of a Word-based B-BBBEE Commissioner Report.   The report offers the ability to automate the various metrics sought by the B-BBEE Commissioner.

The report structure has been informed by our customers, delivered and supported by Mpowered.   

Mpowered B-BBEE Analytics also allow users to customise their dashboards to their company’s specific needs.

Mpowered HR Analytics

By augmenting your B-BBEE data with People and Training data, a series of dashboards enable companies to draw advanced HR Analytics.   

Why is this important? Because Business is looking to it’s people to deliver results; and the more  you’re able to link HR initiatives to Business deliverables, the easier it is to track performance.

These standard dashboards enable:

  • Headcount and demographic analysis at varying levels of the organisation, and sliceable along several dimensions
  • Insights into employee efficiency by setting performance benchmarks and tracking how effective a business is at utilizing its workforce.
  • Workforce analysis, helping you understand patterns across tenure and demographics to help inform and validate policies, recruitment, benefit design and more.
  • By adding employee performance scores and comp ratios, companies can track employee performance and retention risk, helping you spot expensive poor performers, and undervalued high performers.

Mpowered HR analytics enables HR professionals to make data-driven decisions to manage and retain their best employees, which improves ROI and creates a better work environment. It also allows HR professionals to act proactively on insights gained by using the reports.

Mpowered HR analytics also measures the business’ transformation journey and will provide insights into how the diversity of your workforce has changed over time.  Customize your HR dashboards as required to make better, more informed business decisions.

Mpowered HR Analytics also allow users to customise their dashboards to their company’s specific needs.  

Enhanced HR Reporting

As an HR leader in business, the pressure is always on to deliver business results through people.   It is often a thankless job, but what if you had the right data to support your mission?

Mpowered Analytics allows the integration of relevant data for the creation of custom reports, allowing a deeper dive into your People insights.    Mpowered offers a bespoke solution whereby an experienced HR Practitioner will work with you to create relevant stories for your audiences.   We make it easier to motivate change using accurate data and insights.