Digital B-BBEE Scorecard Verification Solutions

Mpowered clients save time and expense by preparing for the verification of their scorecard within their account. During the measurement period, companies pro-actively load evidence as and when it becomes available, whilst tracking and managing their company’s compliance level.

By the end of the measurement period, a complete and accurate data set and evidence is readily available for verification, and the scorecard maximised and ready for hand over to the Verification Agency (VA). Mpowered clients handover access to their account and the VA takes over from there.

Mpowered has established an ecosystem of verification agencies we call “digital audit partners” (DAP).  A DAP uses Mpowered software internally for the end-to-end scorecard verification process, or they may only use the software to access an Mpowered client’s B-BBEE data, scorecards and evidence.    

A DAP can also access and conduct sampling from within the Mpowered client’s account and the client can upload sample-level evidence for their DAP to access and review.