Digital Audit Partner Program

Mpowered clients are increasingly looking for solutions to digitise their B-BBEE scorecard verification preparation and scorecard audit processes.

Mpowered offers a number of digital verification options to enable Verification Agencies (VA) to further enhance their customer value proposition, to retain more clients and to grow their businesses.

For VAs using their own or 3rd party verification solution, Mpowered has established the Digital Audit Partner (DAP) program. The DAP program is designed to deliver an enhanced, digital experience for a VA servicing clients that use Mpowered software.

The DAP program allows for data, scorecards and evidence to flow securely and consistently within a highly secure platform to deliver business process efficiencies for all stakeholders.

Client data is extracted from our client’s BEEtoolkit or BeagleScore account into their VA’s data capture sheet format.   VAs can sample from within their client’s account, and end users are emailed a notification to upload sample-based evidence. The VA can either digitally sample the evidence from within the client’s account or download it into the VA’s own software solution.

A VA does not need to license Mpowered’s B-BBEE audit software to become a DAP.

Benefits for VAs joining the DAP program

It is free to become a DAP, with no catches.

Companies have been forced to embrace remote work policies which has been the catalyst to embrace digitalisation.

A DAP partner should experience tangible business growth outcomes as Mpowered and our channel partner customers will be pro-actively encouraged to use VAs that have joined the DAP program.

The DAP model is part of a broader ecosystem Mpowered has established and includes verification agencies, consultants and service providers. Our objective is to work with the industry to facilitate growth and sustainability.

Mpowered has experienced an increased demand in clients requiring a more seamless, digital audit process, with companies prepared to switch VA to achieve their objectives.

DAPs get a software adapter that converts our client’s data into their VA data capture sheet format and is offered at no cost to a DAP.

A DAP has the option to be promoted across our client base and within our ecosystem (cheaper, but more effective than attending a conference, or advertising in a magazine!).

Digital Audit Software for VAs

Whilst Mpowered’s DAP program is for VAs content with their existing audit solution, Back Office for Audit (BO4A) is a cloud-based software application for VAs wanting to deliver a remote and digital B-BBEE scorecard verification service.

BO4A is a cost-effective and easy to deploy software solution that is designed to improve internal process efficiencies that reduces a VAs internal cost-to-serve. BO4A enables a VA to deliver an enhanced customer experience that will help a VA retain clients as well as help grow their business.

BO4A provides their clients, consultants and VA analyst access to a single platform for the secure transmission of data, scorecards and evidence.

DAPs that are also Back Office for Audit clients

VAs on BO4A derive internal process efficiencies to optimise VA operations, de-risk a VA by reducing the reliance on email communication with spreadsheets containing highly confidential data, and to help our ecosystem partners grow.

BO4A offers VAs access to an established ecosystem and platform to expose their business to thousands of HR and B-BBEE stakeholders, both through our web applications and via our extensive channel partner program.

Mpowered will actively market, profile and promote VAs using BO4A within our client base and via the Beagle Scorecard Database that attracts thousands of unique visitors every month.

VAs licensing BO4A can offer their clients FREE access to a BeagleScore account for a period of 3 months. The account offers the client the ability to upload data and calculate their B-BBEE scorecard and to upload evidence in preparation for their B-BBEE scorecard verification.  The account also enables the VA and the client to digitally manage and share updated data and sample-based evidence throughout the verification process.  The VA has access to all BO4A scorecard calculators.

Customer Value Proposition for your clients

Regardless of whether you become a DAP or a BO4A client, your customer’s verification experience will be significantly enhanced. Clients will save time, effort and cost by digitally preparing for their B-BBEE scorecard verification.

Partnering with Mpowered will enable your clients or their consultant to digitally submit data, evidence and scorecards via a safe and secure software platform. With VA’s sampling within Mpowered software, clients can upload sample-based evidence directly into their software account.

Your clients will enjoy improved management of stakeholder expectations throughout their B-BBEE compliance journey.