B-BBEE Solutions for Remote Work

Mpowered solutions are ideal for companies seeking continuity in their B-BBEE compliance management processes whilst working remotely.  As a cloud based software solution, stakeholders can easily manage all aspects of B-BBEE compliance from data collation to running a digital scorecard verification process, and everything in between. 

Now, more than ever, scenario planning will be imperative for companies wanting to understand the impact of the economic shifts rapidly enveloping our country.

A reduction in profit and free cash flow can impact Ownership Net Equity and ED / SD / SED targets, whilst reductions in budgets may impact skills development and adjustments to the workforce will impact both Management Control and Skills Development.   

After assessing the impact on a company’s B-BBEE targets and their ability to execute on their transformation strategy, Mpowered software enables executives remote visibility of different scenarios.    In large corporates with multiple entities, head office execs will have visibility of the impact at both a subsidiary level and at a consolidated group level.